We LOVE a good works doo!

We provide live vintage entertainment for a variety of corporate events ranging from awards ceremonies, christmas parties, product launches or just a good knees up to say thanks to the staff! We can play during drinks receptions or networking events or even provide you with live musical skits to introduce award winners on stage!

We can play both indoors and outdoors if the weather is kind! Space wise, we only need around 3m by 3m, so we can always find a suitable spot to set up and play in.

Set lengths
Set lengths can be 2 x 45mins, 2 x 60mins, 1 x 1hr 30mins or 2 x 60mins, we can always tailor set lengths to fit in perfectly with your special event.

Look & sound
We dress in smart vintage attire because looking the part is just as important and sounding the part!  Volume levels can be set accordingly to your venue and size of your party, ranging from fully acoustic to amplified instruments and vocals.